Why Movizzon?

The main purpose of Movizzon is to contribute to optimize customer experiences on digital channels of businesses, so that companies are able to maximize the investment made in these channels.

In short, Movizzon’s approach is to place the end user at the center. For this, Movizzon has designed an automated measurement system (bots) executed in real devices. Movizzon browses from each device, as would do any other person from his or her own phone or computer. By connecting itself to the website or mobile applications Movizzon allows companies to understand what people are really experiencing..

Unlike other monitoring tools, Movizzon puts itself in the final customer’s shoes, and it does not require any type of integration or installation of any agent in the companies’ systems. Other tools execute the measurement in the infrastructure, or inside the Internet operators’ data centers where the processing capacity and connection speeds operate under ideal conditions and do not accurately reflect the real experiences of people. What is more, when Movizzon detects an affectation, it was the bot that was able to find the failure, not a group of actual customers for whom the impact on their business would be greater. That is why Movizzon has a more proactive, rather that reactive measurement approach.

For these reasons, Gartner Consulting selected Movizzon as one of the four leading companies in digital transformation for the whole of Latin America, precisely for its proactive measurement approach using bots that are outside the companies’ IT systems.

The Advantages of this Approach

  • Measuring the real experience: the measurement is made from the customer’s point of view outside of the company’s technical infrastructure.
  • A proactive measurement approach: issues and problems can be identified and solved before receiving customer complaints via social media and/or Call Centers.
  • Measuring prior to launch: the new web / app versions can be analyzed using real measures prior to the launch.
  • There is no need for any type of technological integration.
  • The implementation of the service takes three weeks on average.
  • Instant messaging alerts via Whatsapp or similar platforms include error capture & screenshot displayed on the channel.
  • SMS / OTP, token, and other measurements.