What do we do?

With our different services, we focus on helping companies so that their customers may get the best customer experience from the digital channels. Our automated system allow our bots to monitor and warn about the errors in the websites, mobile applications, and Call Centers.

What is more, we calculate the limit on the number of users supported by your digital channels to prevent jeopardizing its performance. The main purpose of this is to detect poor customer experiences proactively, and leverage the investment you have made on your digital strategies.

Advantages of the tool

Increases the availability as perceived by the end user
Optimizes the customer’s quality experience
Allows you to stay ahead of potential system downtime using bots
Identifies internal and external affectations of your service

With Movizzon you can understand the experience of your clients on your digital channels

Our indicators


Applications and web portals monitored


Millions of measurements to this date


Internet Operators measured


Affectations detected in less than one (1) minute per day

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