For the Business

By using the Movizzon monitoring tool the company will be able to understand the customer experience in digital channels by placing people at the center. Being able to optimize the outcomes of its digital strategies is critical for the business, and, in general, for the whole organization which will be able to maximize the profitability of what they have invested in its digital channels.

The Movizzon warning system will allow the Business to be the first to know that something is affecting the customer experience, so that the company can stay ahead of potential claims made on social media or Call Centers where the impact could be much greater. In addition, the Business will be able to monitor at any place and time how do channels perform from the standpoint of people, through the online dashboard, understanding fully the real response times as perceived by its customers.

For the IT Area

Since Movizzon performs measurements from real devices and from different local Internet operators of the country, the technology areas will be able to know if issues affecting channels are caused by some internal factor or a factor outside the purview of the company’s technical infrastructure. All of that means that the Movizzon alerts generate when there is one or more Internet operators failing. This is, if only one operator fails, and the other operators are working properly, the issue may be related to an external factor; if all operators fail at the same time, it indicates that the failure relates to an internal factor and IT may respond appropriately.

Likewise, the Movizzon tool does not need any type of integration with the company’s existing systems. For this reason, the IT Area is not obliged to make any kind of investment in man-hours, or generate a specific project in order to connect to an external system. Defining the measurement flow is the only requirement needed to activate the Movizzon service. Within a few weeks the Technology Area will start to see the indicators of its channels.

For the Support Area

The most important benefit for the Support Area is that they will be able to understand fully through Movizzon, what the channel users are watching at a given point in time. All Movizzon alerts take screenshots of the mobile application or web portal targeted which are sent automatically to the company’s Support Areas. With this input, the period required to understand what is going on is reduced dramatically, without the need to continue to interact with actual customers in order to ask for more information on the incident.

In addition, different scaling levels can be set up in Movizzon’s alert system to follow up the internal procedure of the company in this respect. It should be noted that Movizzon’s alerts can be integrated with different instant messaging platforms, SMS, or any other company specific service.

For Marketing

Movizzon’s approach is to measure “by putting itself in the final customer’s shoes”, which means that the measuring point is in real devices, this is, the digital contact point between the person and the company. With this in mind, the types of affectation and response times are what the end customer perceives (in contrast to a rather technological measuring approach focusing on measures of databases, servers, etc..). The information generated by Movizzon is critical to get a real understanding of the quality of the experience customers are having in the channels.

For instance, Movizzon not only issues an alert when the channel is completely down, but it also alerts when the response times to view the content are extremely high, or when the user does not get all of its products displayed on the portal, or when the advertising banner is not uploaded correctly because of its out of range size. These are all real situations and the final goal is for the Marketing Area to get this critical information in order to optimize the channel conversion.